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Character: Xigbar
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Version: Kingdom Hearts II
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

Appearance: As one would come to expect, Xigbar dons the same uniform as his fellow Nobodies among the ranks of Organization XIII. Though his black boots and gloves remain quite standard, his coat can be distinguished by its pointed shoulders and thinner sleeves. It should be noted that though his coat is closer-fitted, it is by no means to the same extent as Axel’s. Xigbar’s pointed elf-like ears and eerie gold eyes set him apart from other Organization members. These traits he and Saïx share alone. His long, black hair is kept in a pony tail, the grey streaks which run through it suggesting signs of age. The eyepatch he fashions over his right eye as well as the large and jagged scar that extends from his left cheek to under his left eye were received from the Keyblade wielder Terra.

Personality: Xigbar’s heavy sarcasm and frequent wise-cracks deems him the comic relief the Organization member. Even during battle there are no exceptions to this. The sharpshooter can fire as many sarcastic comments as he can bullets. His cocky attitude, excessive taunting and even more profuse name-calling has a tendency of making him a dislikeable character. Xigbar, however, cares little of this. Had he feelings, he still wouldn’t care. The opinion of others has never been a primary concern of his. When not on missions, he is known to eavesdropping on fellow Organization members such as Zexion and Vexen in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Even before consideration of his spying, he knows many of the Organization’s secrets due to his high rank. He has a habit of hinting some of these secrets, often to taunt his opponent such as he had with Sora, but often remains too vague for one to understand. Xigbar is very laid back by nature but by no means considered lazy though. He prefers field work to a more administrative and can be easily driven should he discover someone’s secret worth looking into. An important thing about Xigbar is how unpredictable he can be. Xigbar uses his instincts for both decision-making and fighting making him easily adaptable.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Like all Organization members, Xigbar’s abilities include creating portals and summoning lesser Heartless and Nobodies. Paixao has also granted Xigbar the ability to sample memories, though it is a power he seldom abuses. What thrill would there be to discovering ones secret were he just to read their memories?

Xigbar’s control over space and exceptional gunmanship make for a dangerous combination in battle. The Nobody does not even have to aim at his opponent in order to hit them. He could fire anywhere and open spatial rifts to redirect the shots. Xigbar’s teleporting abilities contribute to his speed and make him an increasingly difficult target to hit. This also includes his ability to levitate upside down and run across ceilings while firing his arrowguns. These two ranged weapons shoot red laser arrows which bend towards a target. When combining his two gun arrows into a single sniper rifle he fires large powerful bullets at his target. These bullets may also be charged so that they rebound around the area and hit an enemy multiple times. Xigbar’s specific arrow model is called the Sharpshooter. They loosely resemble crossbows in their design, a decorative pattern similar to the Nobody symbol on them.

Weaknesses: Xigbar admittedly has a habit of with messing with Keyblade wielders. Though he knows it will only lead to misfortune, he continues to persist throughout much of the series. Such is the case when he challenges Aqua, Roxas, and both Xion and Sora who go on to defeat him in battle. As many would expect, Xigbar’s ego is directly responsible for this. In fact, his ego may easily be considered his biggest weakness. Xigbar is not afraid to pick a fight with someone stronger than him should his instincts not advise him otherwise. In combat, his slow reloading times leave him susceptible to damage should be caught during them. Guarding against his attacks has also been noted as an effective way to send the sharpshooters attacks back at him and temporarily stun him.

History: Xigbar’s story starts as not as the Nobody he is today but as Braig, one of Ansem’s apprentices. Ansem had sought to discover the source of darkness within the human heart through experimentation. However, it was not long before his experiments came to a standstill, the man having come to a dark discovery regarding his work. Unbeknownst to him, his six apprentices went on to continue his experiments in secret, eventually to be consumed by that very darkness to the point they lost their hearts and become Nobodies. Together they founded the notorious group known as Organization XIII, their mission to use Kingdom Hearts to return the hearts they had lost. Since joining the Organization, it has been Xigbar’s primary duty to collect new members. Marluxia is mentioned as one of his ‘recruits’ in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, though it is likely he leaves their renaming to Xemnas. Sora encounters him a shy total of three times, first being in Hollow Bastion where he decides to stray behind the Organization and taunt the Keybearer. The second takes place in the Land of Dragons where Sora mistakes him to be Riku. Xigbar, after teasing the boy once again, summons a group of Sniper Nobodies to occupy Sora while he makes off and summons a Storm Rider in the Imperial Square. The last encounter is in the Hall of Empty Melodies and includes Xigbar effortlessly taking out an entire horde of heartless without once touching Sora or his friends. He proceeds by his usual derision, calling him Roxas and a traitor before he attacks. In defeated, he uses his final words to ridicule Sora one last time before fading away.

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